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Director Massage

Today an Manager is not the one working with specific area, but a leader, a motivator and a team player and a system administrator connecting work with ethics, environment, policies, legal framework and economic considerations. Today an Manager is the “master integrator” who holds the responsibility of innovation and wealth creation. He must be able to work across many different disciplines and fields and make the connections that will lead to deeper insights, more creative solutions, and getting things done.

As the facilitators of such achievements we Shreejee GM College aspire to provide an environment conducive to both abstract and experiential learning, in turn, melding both Managering science and Managering practice.

We are entering an age of “Distributed Intelligence” an era in which knowledge is available to anyone, anywhere, at anytime: in which power, information, and responsibility are moving away from centralized control to the individual. In such a scenario it's not only the professional knowledge that will be important but also the interpersonal skills, aptitude and zeal that is required to be a leader.

I look forward to a dynamic and fruitful year 2010-2011.
Dr. S.K Singh