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Affiliated to NCTE Jaipur, Approved by SCERT Lucknow, Affiliated to Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedakar University Agra

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Central Computing Datacenter

Shreejee GM College has the one of the most modern, state-of-the-art computer lab.

The Institute has installed computer terminals along with hardware and software specifications as prescribed by AICTE.

It comprises over 75 computer systems, connected to high end servers, with processors ranging from Intel Dual Core to Intel Core 2 Duo. The campus provides Internet facility and is Wi-Fi enabled.

It comprises over 75 computer systems, connected to high end servers, with processors ranging from Intel Dual Core to Intel Core 2 Duo. The campus provides Internet facility and is Wi-Fi enabled.

The department manages Internet connectivity of the Institute. The internet facility is available on all the computers of the campus of Shreejee GM College obtained through 2 Mbps Leased line from Reliance.

The Department takes pride in its recourse pool of more than 10 core faculty members in specialized expertise in various areas. The dept. has all the required software. The important once among them are: all Microsoft Products, C++ , TC-4.5, VC++, SQL, Oracle, Linux, Unix, Norton Utility, Java, etc.

Amongst the operating systems Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista Business have been used. Application softwares necessary for the programme have been installed on all the systems.

In addition to the course curriculum department of computer science organizes special session on Emerging Technologies to keep pace with rapidly changing IT scenario. Greater emphasis is also given on final year projects by implementing the new technologies as per the need of industries.

All departments and building including the library and administrative block are connected to servers in the Central Computer lab via, LAN Network. The computer centre has the state-of-the-art., teaching aids that help instructors to make demonstrations and presentations more effective and power packed. Round the clock facility of Internet connectivity gives more opportunity to know the World and enhance their wisdom.

Central library

Shreejee GM College has set up an air-conditioned library. Docks over with sufficient numbers of text books references, journals, magazines, periodicals and bulletins, which makes it as a worthy centre for B-schooling and supplementary education, the library is a whole lot of great learning experience. An electronic library is also accessible from any web enabled computer in the premises. Besides, the library is well-equipped with a silent study hall, photocopying facilities, and dedicated computers for extreme learning or research work. Its comprehensive resources and expert staff help its students get to the top.

  • Best maintained fully air-conditioned library
  • Single-point source of information.
  • Comfortable and well-illuminated hall.
  • Over 5000 plus books.
  • 45 subscribed magazines.
  • 78 subscribed Journals (66 National & 12 International).
  • Online Journals – Emerald & Delnet.
  • 10 subscribed Newspapers.
  • CDs / Video Tapes.
  • Reference and course materials.
  • Online resources like corporate databases.
  • Silent study hall with photocopying facilities.
  • Dedicated computers for extreme learning or research work.

To cater the need of the students for quality study material, institute provides a range of subjects books to all the students under book bank facility. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to use our library. Details of all library resources are held on a searchable database, accessible from every PC, making it simple to locate the information you need, be it a map, journal article, CD, etc.

Transport Facilities

Transport facilities are provided for the students and staff of the institute. The institute runs its own fleet of buses, which provides ample opportunities to the student for outing and travels. The buses bring the desirous students to institute and drop them back at destined points fro a nominal charge based on distances-cum-actual expenses.


The Institute has a spacious and impeccably maintained vegetarian cafeteria that provides delicious and hygienic foods and snacks besides coffee, tea and cold drinks etc. The food items at the in-house cafeteria are available at subsidized rates to students, faculty and staff members. Perceived as an airy and large place for time out, the cafeteria arranges well with its sitting system as it adores separate halls for the faculty and the students.


Water ,Power and Other Facilities

R.O. System water filters as well as water coolers are installed in the institute campus. In addition, both the water and electricity supplies are available for 24 hours a day. In case of power failure, a generator set of 50 KVA is available for constant electricity supply. Bathrooms are kept clean and are adequate in numbers for ladies & gentlemen. Cleanliness is given utmost importance and maintenance activities are closely monitored.

Health Care and First Aid

The institute has

  • A health centre with a qualified nurse and a visiting qualified Doctor for consultation.
  • Tie-up with nearby premier nursing homes at subsidized charges for medical care.

In-house transport services for medical emergencies

Sports Facility

Sports plays an important role in the overall development of a student. The institute provides for a dedicated space for basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton and also indoor games like table tennis, chess, carroms etc.

Communication Lab

Shreejee GM College has established a well-equipped Professional Communication Lab to enhance professional communication skills of the students. The Professional Communication Lab is designed to have an interactive session with the students for removing their inhibitions, and teach them the nuances of speech with great felicity and versatility.

Total Personality Development

Shreejee GM College has evolved a philosophy of education, which emphasizes holistic development of its students, and an education system that looks beyond employment and concentrates on individual development by imparting to the students the skills of life-time relevance and developing them as well adjusted human beings. Shreejee GM College organizes workshops, seminars and lectures that focus on developing the overall personality of the students and making them capable of appreciating the importance of co-curricular activities.